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The Seton Center School of Music offers a variety of opportunities for beginning and experienced musicians to develop a lasting enjoyment of music. The School of Music uses the Center's excellent stage and auditorium in Brookline as a base for performances.  This environment is one that provides musicians with the support needed to develop their self-esteem, promoting their determination, self-discipline, and the confidence to try new and difficult things. This environment has helped many students achieve success throughout our history.

Private lessons 

Private lessons are offered in violin, viola, piano, and guitar. Lessons are by appointment. Private lessons help students develop technical skills and knowledge of their instrument's repertoire.

Group classes

Group classes are offered in violin, providing students the opportunity to learn ensemble skills and enjoy playing with others of similar skill levels.

Musicianship classes

Musicianship classes are available for students who have been playing an instrument for at least a year and are adept at reading music. Music theory and composition skills are emphasized in these classes.

Chamber Orchestra of Seton Center is an award-winning ensemble that is available to those students recommended by their instructors.

In addition to these opportunities offered at the Brookline facility of Seton Center, our instructors have also offered private lessons and group classes at many local Catholic schools. These schools include Saint Bernadette in Monroeville, Holy Trinity in Moon Township, and East Catholic in Forest Hills.

Stage and Auditorium

At the Brookline facility of the Seton Center, we are fortunate to enjoy a spacious 300-seat auditorium with a large stage area to host our Performing Arts events, including performances by the Seton Center School of Music.

The stage and auditorium are available for use by other groups as well. If your group is interested in using these Seton Center facilities, please call 412-561-8400 or contact us by email to make suitable arrangements.


Interested in Music Lessons or Using the Auditorium for your Performance?

Call us at 412-561-8400 to schedule or fill out this form and we will be in touch.

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