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PA Keystone STAR4

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Ready to Thrive in Kindergarten

Safe, loving care, growth in esteem & community, quality education

Seton Center Preschool, located in our Brookline Center, hosts 135 children (aged 3-5) in quality programming in which they develop a solid foundation in skills needed for success in school and in life. They learn to socialize and work together cooperatively, respecting one another’s differences. Through engaging activities, they thrive in following stories and creating their own, in learning the beginnings of counting and arithmetic, in developing good motor skills, and in exploring science and languages. Our staff is concerned primarily with ensuring a safe, nurturing environment and helping each child to grow to full potential, ready to excel in Kindergarten and beyond. We seek to enhance their development in these important years by providing worthwhile experiences that correspond to the unique level of physical capacity, emotional maturity, and social development each child possesses. These experiences include both teacher-directed and self-directed activities, free-choice times, indoor and outdoor times, and active and quiet periods. We are always ready to meet with parents or guardians to discuss the special physical or emotional needs of each child.

Pennsylvania Keystone Stars

The Center benefits from the training and resources made available through the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars program. The PA Department of Education introduced this program to improve the quality of early education for every child and to identify developmental delays as early as possible so that they can be more easily corrected.  The focus of the program is to provide rigorous training to teachers to advance centers one step at a time.  

In 2015 the Pre-School achieved a PA Keystone STARS 3 rating, and in 2016 a STARS 4 rating, the highest given out. To maintain this rating, our teachers and staff continue to attend trainings and meet other requirements. The children benefit from staff trained to recognize developmental challenges, to teach affected children skills to overcome them as early as possible, and, when necessary, to engage outside professionals before their toll becomes consequential.

Seton Center partners with Pittsburgh Public Schools in their Pre-K Counts Program.

Offering full day of preschool education year-round

Children are provided breakfast, an optional hot-lunch program throughout the school year, and an afternoon snack that conform with Child-Care Food Program guidelines. We are open year-round from 7:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Seton Center's Infant-Toddler and Preschool programs are licensed by the PA Department of Human Services.

Come & Visit Us

We invite you and your child to come tour our facility, and meet our teachers. Call us at 412-561-8400 to schedule or fill out our registration form and we will be in touch.

Seton Center, Child Services

Brookline Center, Pittsburgh
1900 Pioneer Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15226


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preschool child care pittsburgh
preschool child care pittsburgh
preschool child care pittsburgh
preschool child care pittsburgh

What others are saying

As good as Google!

Research shows that high quality preschool programs can provide an enormous boost that changes children's lives forever.

As a grandmother of two little girls (ages 4 & 2) enrolled in Google's Child Care Program at its Silicon Valley headquarters, I observed first-hand one of the best child care programs in the country. As a Google employee, my daughter has access to this wonderful program – but at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars for each child per year! Even though my daughter and her husband have the financial resources to pay for this care, it is still a large part of their budget. Still, their daughters are their greatest priority and they are so grateful to have access to this program at Google.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Seton Center, I have also been privileged to observe its preschool program. And WHAT I SEE AT SETON IS WHAT I SAW AT GOOGLE!!!

The Google facility is not a "fancy" place. The program, however, is of the highest quality. Teachers are warm, welcoming and extremely well-trained; they love what they do and the children are thriving! The same is true at Seton.

But in the most profound sense, SETON SURPASSES GOOGLE. While similarity of programs is astonishing – given the disparity in Seton's program resources – even more astonishing is the potential for positive change in the lives of the Seton children. Although one may correctly assume that Google children have a "golden ticket" or "were born on third base", Seton evens the playing field. For Seton’s children the preschool experience can provide that enormous boost that does, in fact, change their lives forever.

What an incredible place and what an incredible gift.

Toni Pellegrini, Seton Center’s Board