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Seton Center provides a loving, clean, and secure environment for all our clients. To help maintain our high-quality programs, each of our departments has a continually changing "wish list" of items that would be put to good use. If you are able to make in-kind (tax-deductible) donations of such items, please contact us to let us know how you can help. The list below is just a short sampling of the types of items that will always be useful in support of our intergenerational programs.

Media-related equipment, such as TVs, radios, CD/VCR/DVD players
Tapes/CDs for all age groups
Furniture and carpeting
Arts and crafts supplies
Cooking utensils
Playroom/playground equipment
Games and recreational equipment
Computers and related equipment


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Seton Center welcomes all who need us without regard to race, color, gender, religious preference, or national origin.
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